Sunday, 3 June 2018

Win the Summer

It's another summer. I am determined to make this a good one. Last summer was almost an excellent one, had I not been pre-occupied with a personal project that did not come to fruition. It's been a long year. The June bank holiday feels in some way like a New Year.
I have a lot planned for June. I feel I've too much planned and am especially not happy about taking four flights in one week. This is not me! This comes from not living the life I have, and instead copying other people.
Well, we will begin. Am looking forward to doing lots of writing, and improving on last year's Plastic Free July.
A new thing I'm going to try is "The Miracle Morning". I bought the Kindle version of this book ages ago but never got around to looking at it before now. Now wondering if starting earlier would avoided the hot, sick mess that May became. Well, that's always the way, isn't it? What if I'd started taking the anti-depressants that the doctor prescribed? What if I hadn't cancelled my chest x-ray?
I can't remember who wrote this book, but he recommends setting an alarm and devoting an hour each morning for the following tasks, with the breakdown up to the person. That is good. I plan to start tomorrow but not to set an alarm, as I am recovering from a chest infection and figure I need sleep. All the sleep I can get.
So the plan is
Silence: 5 minutes meditation
Affirmations: I'm sceptical of these but willing to give the 5 minute journal a go and that takes 5 minutes.
Visualisation: even more sceptical about this one. I've allocated two minutes of searching for images on google. No Pinterest. I might restart my Instagram account at some stage.
Exercise: ten minutes of Fitness Blender. And back to going to the gym twice a week.
Reading: 18 minutes of reading a day, preferably fiction.
Scribing: 20 minutes including blogging and writing my diary. I'm not including writing writing here as that is a job and the point of the Miracle Morning is to set myself up to do it. I don't know. Maybe twenty minutes here is better than an hour later that I never get around to. Twenty minutes of writing something anyway.
Will see. Am excited now for tomorrow morning and getting started.

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