Monday, 4 June 2018


This is the "scribing" section of my Miracle Morning. Why do I continue to believe in these things? I suspect because it's so simple and tick-listy. I have long been a sucker for those magazine articles that promise to transform your life by doing 21 days of X, Y or Z, or by doing a new thing each day like "go through your wardrobe" or "walk around your home-town like a tourist". Did they ever work? I suppose they gave me something to do.
It's taking me more than an hour to do the routine because I keep checking Twitter in the middle. He also doesn't allow time for breakfast anywhere. I wrote my five-minute journal while waiting for my toast to do and then ate the toast before doing my abs routine. I'd gotten the visualisation bit out of the way first: I just googled pictures of Borris House, where I'm going next weekend because I thought that would cheer me up and put me in a good frame of mind for the day.
The five minutes meditation - "silence" - very much helps, as it always does yet I resist it during the working term. Five minutes! It seems too long when I know that getting out the door five minutes early means ten minutes less in traffic. That is the way. I leave for work at 7.20. But I'm making excuses for myself because I always go on Twitter first thing when I wake up and could waste up to ten minutes there. This morning was lovely; the only human noise was a distant hum of traffic (surprised there was even that on a bank holiday Monday) and there was lots and lots of birdsong.
Then I did the five-minute journal. I do like this and find it does work. I say it works but I'm not sure what it is supposed to do. It's like a lot of things that I do the least when I need them the most. But perhaps it is a mistake to think I have more need of these structures during my pre-structured time, when really it is now that I should be making the most of. One of the things I am grateful for is anti-biotics. I am almost better, but not quite, and I finish the course today. My skin is really good even though that's not why I'm taking them. My stomach is flat and my ankles not as swollen as before. I had a nice body once, and took it completely for granted.
I did my exercise then and it easy to see how fitting this in practically first thing is good. I did a ten minute fitness blender Youtube routine. These are quite good and easy. Not as good as a proper session or abs class but they're kind of maintenance. And the ten minute video I do is better than the forty-five minute class I don't.
Then I read. The book recommends this time for self-improvement reading but I read loads of that anyway so I am devoting it to fiction. I think of myself as some kind of writer, yet I often don't read enough fiction and I certainly don't keep up with new books. That's because they're expensive and packaged in awkward formats. The book I started this morning is Ali Smith's "Autumn" and it is good so far. I want to read more writers who'll be at Borris, so must look up the schedule.
What next for the day? There is gritmin to be done and I am almost out of food. It is a baking hot day. I could go to visit my parents and get that out of the way. I have corrections to finish and reports to write. Travel arrangements to verify. Friends to contact. I still feel really, really tired but am a little better every day.

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