Thursday, 28 June 2018


Momentous developments have been happening in one particular area of my life. Even though no-one reads this blog, I still feel reluctant to discuss these developments here. All I will say, is that while they have made me happy, there is something in their nature that is causing me to reflect. 
That element is that the thing that is making me happy is the forthcoming absence of something that has caused me a great deal of unhappiness, upset and frustration. It will be gone and whole new vistas are opening up. Yet these vistas are empty. My point is that this happiness comes from a negative source. I thought last night how would it feel to have happiness coming from a positive source - especially from a relationship. I have never felt happy in any relationship I've been in. There have been moments of hope, yet there has always been disappointment very early on. 
The good news has made me stronger. It has not happened because I did anything or worked hard. It just happened, fortuitously. The challenge now is to act on this good fortune, and to think of what the possibilities might be. Or to just relax a bit. This is the first time in a long time, I think ever, that I have been able to really enjoy the summer. 
In other news I am doing well on the first of my 26 habits. No possibility of entering TKMaxx has arisen. It's not the weather for going into town. I haven't even been to the shopping centre near me where there is a small TKMaxx. This morning I am going to the outdoor market in Mahon Point. This is a summer treat. The next challenge coming is Plastic Free July, which starts on Sunday. The market is good there and I will see today how little plastic I can get away with buying. I will also go to the Tesco while I am there, as the normal Tesco I go to is near TKMaxx. Not that I do a whole lot of shopping in Tesco and I always try to spend my Dunnes vouchers when I'm there so it is they who bear the cost. 

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