Friday, 6 July 2018


I am sure these headings are breaking all the rules of blogging by being so undifferentiated. Now I am writing in this every day I could come up with sub-headings. 
Am just back from the gym: I don't use the machines because I hate them and can't stay on for longer than ten minutes but I have a membership that allows me two classes a week so I normally go to those. It is actually a clever way of structuring the membership. I can sign up for the class on the app, and if I cancel the day before, I have credit to book an alternative. However, if I cancel on the day or fail to show up, then I lose the credit and can go to maximum one class that week. This is handy and I go more now than when I joined first on a short-term unlimited pass. The unlimited pass meant that I could cancel a class on the day and just book one for the following day. This was too easy, and half the time I wouldn't bother going the day after either. This way, even if I'm tired after work and not in the form, I have to attend the class. It's today or never. 
I am all for classes as I find they are the exercise form that allows for the least motivation. An alternative would be exercise-through-commute but I couldn't really walk or cycle the thirty kilometres of mostly motorway without serious damage to my coiffure and possibly life. I sign up and turn up and after that it's just following instructions. This will sound bizarre but it is an actual treat to be a class member for a change instead of being the one at the top of the room, directing the action and taking responsibility for everyone keeping up. It has underscored the importance of lesson planning: there is little worse than the instructor trying to think of what to do next or looking for a track on their phone. Actually, the only thing worse is when they say "Okay guys, what do ye want to do next.....or.......?" and the loudest voices win. My choice almost never triumphs; I am on a very low percentile when it comes to general fitness. 
I had to call into work today and some-one asked me what I had on for the weekend. "Nothing this weekend", I answered and I am trying to feel proud of myself for my honesty and authenticity. It is the truth though. I have nothing on. I have texted an acquaintance and asked if there's anything on she would like to go to, but have heard nothing back. There is a MeetUp drinks I think I will attend if there is nothing else on. It is okay. There will be other weekends with lots on. This is life, now that I'm well into my forties, and I never wanted to be a middle-aged nighthawk with lots of eyeliner and a collection of bodycon dresses. That's not me. I am getting lots and lots of reading done, and a little writing and am organising my life in ways that'll keep paying off for months to come. 
Still it would be nice to have fun. Will try to persuade one of my married-with-kids friends that we need to go on a Night Out. That'd be fun. It is half-past five on Friday and a little late to be making weekend plans.

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