Saturday, 24 February 2018

How the 90 Day Challenge is Going

So there I was thinking I'd be blogging every day of the 90 day challenge. Life took over. The 90 day challenge itself has been eclipsed: a colleague is doing a whole year. Could I do a year? I'm not sure.
I bought a dress today in Brown Thomas. It's for an upcoming event I can't talk about here. It was expensive by my standards (although there was a nice 25% off) and I did feel extravagant. I popped into Café Nerro on my way to the car and bought a panini. Now which was the more extravagant purchase? I also bought a Diet Coke at multiples of the amount one from a multi-pack would have cost me, because none of the cans at home had been in the fridge. That was my most extravagant purchase of the day because I didn't even drink it until I was at home.
That is Rule No.9 on my version of "12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Control". Buy the dress, don't buy the sandwich.
Have been good at buying nothing from TKMaxx, although less good at staying out of there. Product wise, my only real slip-up so far has been a Clinique bonus. I'm using the lipstick; the rest is in storage, added to my enormous stash. The key thing is that it's dwindling at a slightly faster pace than it's accumulating. And I'm also thinking more, which is good. Am almost tempted to embrace minimalism, at least in a minimal way. I am minimally tempted. Not very.

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