Sunday, 5 August 2018

WTS Day LXII #26habits

On to the fourth of my #26habits. Going well on the others so far, although most days my 5pm writing sessions do not extend beyond twenty minutes. I have to remember that the twenty minutes I do is better than the hour that I don't. Have gotten much much better about not complaining about work and this has become easier. So now on to habit number 4.
I toyed here with a number of options. One was to public transport, specifically the bus into town, more. Another was to "eat my frog", that is do one unpleasant task from my to-do list each morning. In the end I am cheating and rather than coming up with my own habit, I am going to make a serious effort to use The Tools. I am liking this book and the sequel, Coming Alive, so much. The authors do their own sporadic podcast and have appeared on many other peoples as well. I recommend listening as much as reading the books. In fact, the books on their own are easy to dismiss but the podcasts and interviews and the Talk at Google below really make them come alive.
The ones I am going to concentrate on are Reversal of Desire, Black Sun (which I call Black Hole Sun in my head) and the Mother. Just for a start. There are nine of them altogether and I think that's unreasonable to tackle all at once. Even RofD would be a start.

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