Thursday, 12 July 2018


Weird day today. I had to drive out to work for something. This took the best chunk of the afternoon  and the thing was there on Friday, but I hadn't looked in my press and seen it. So the trip was a waste. Then I went to the bank to lodge two cheques but one of them was out of date. So I'll have to send it back and ask for a new one. 
This is work that has arisen only because of procrastination and backing away from uncomfortable realities. I basically was chasing my tail, in a completely pointless expenditure of time, energy and diesel. Hopefully there will be less of this in the future. 
The thing I was picking up was clothes that I had bought online. This is something I am limiting: I don't do a huge amount of it to begin with but it is like using my iPhone less. I wasn't a huge user of that either but am feeling the benefits of cutting back. It's less leakage. Less two minutes here and three minutes there. I retweet less.I'll probably reinstall it at some stage. 
I have another decision to make now, which is about going away at the start of August. I am going somewhere and the current plan is to stay one night and then come home and spend a night at home and then go again and spend the third night there. This is a pain as it involves checking in and out of the hotel, and they say check-in isn't until three pm. This gives me a couple of hours to fill, but really this is only on the third day, as on the first day I'd only be checking in that time anyway. This has more or less decided me. I'll be saving 120 euro if I don't book the middle night. On the one hand, that isn't going to break the bank and will save my some amount of driving and I'd have the use of the room on two afternoons and evenings and I quite like the fantasy of writing in a hotel room, like I'm J.K. Rowling or something. On the other hand I could keep the 120 euro and spend it on other purchases. In particular I could put it towards my small laptop fund. Alternatively I could have a nice meal on the two nights I'm staying there and have breakfast in the hotel. 
I am just useless with these kinds of decisions, and think constantly of this Dan Gilbert talk. I have wasted that 120 euro ten times over on purchases that amount to not facing up to financial reality, and issues like not claiming things I'm entitled to. 
I haven't fully decided yet. I don't have to decide today and perhaps it will all be clear tomorrow. 

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