Wednesday, 18 July 2018


I made the wrong choice in deciding to come home rather than stay the middle night. I broke the rules. Am here in my bedroom after a long and unnecessary drive. I get irate when forced to snail along the windy roads behind some gom in a Renault Clio doing 40km/hr. The hotel was nice and I did writing this morning. Tomorrow I am going there again and staying the night again. I have to remind myself that had I realised at the start that this course was five days rather than three then I wouldn't have stayed in the hotel at all. There are other people on the course who are driving down from the city all the days. Probably on the main road too, which is longer. I think I might come home that way on Friday. I am demented from driving the one I am on.
On second thoughts, when I look at the map the other road is insanely long. We will see. I have been thrown out of my routine, although I did write 657 words this morning and was pleased. I write more easily when away. I don't know what else there is to say.

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