Sunday, 22 July 2018


Having considered various options, I have settled on Habit No 3. It is to to give up talking about work for at least the next two weeks. Specifically to give up complaining about it. Discussing my job and giving out about my job merged into more or less the same activity some time ago. Now is not the place to go into detail. I am lucky in many ways: my work is meaningful, I enjoy it, I get on well with my colleagues. Some of these colleagues have become personal friends. There is more, but to go on would not only be foolish, it would violate my latest habit. 
How am I going with my other habits? I am staying out of TKMaxx on the whole. In the past month I have bought a foot cream and two cleansers in there. That is not excessive. I can go into town without a compulsion to check for new stock. It is harder to gauge with my second habit as I was away for most of last week. I am doing a bit though, writing most mornings and in the early evenings. I am currently working on an essay. It's about half-way written. I will finish it, because that is an important rule. Finish everything. I doubt that I will submit it anywhere as the people in it, although anonymous, are easily identifiable. 
I went to the seaside today and swam in the sea at midday without sunglasses or sunhat. I did not care about the UV damage, for we must live as well and I can think of no better expenditure of my exposure allowance. It was lovely and I went with my young relations, which made it even lovelier. The last few days saw me reach the end of my tether and I feel now that I must try harder to lead a bigger life. Mind you, I said the same thing last month and it is easy to mistake the tiny circle of the menstrual cycle for the great wheel of fortune. We must push the wheel ourselves, then jump out of its way as reaches the crest of our possibilities. 

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