Sunday, 15 July 2018


Late writing this today. It was a strange day....I had the dog, which was kind of nice but also kind of threw me. This is good though, it's a small inconsequential change that made me adapt. I haven't done any food shopping all week and ended up having Aldi fish cakes for dinner. That came in black, moulded plastic. 
It was a strange day. I called to see some-one in hospital and then some-one else called in to visit and as we were leaving asked if I wanted to go for tea somewhere. We went to Costa in Wilton but at that point it was almost six and it closes at six. We have a good chat though, between the walk and the short time sitting down and then the walk around Aldi and the carpark. It is good to talk to people. I am afraid sometimes of saying too much. 
I am busy this week and have things planned for every day. The drought is over in more ways than one, just as I was getting used to the heat and the solitude. It was good: I got things done and relaxed more than I thought was possible. When we plan, we don't need to fear the quiet times. 

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