Wednesday, 25 July 2018


How is this thing going anyway? Running through my various projects that I have going:
1. Hal Elrod's Miracle Morning. 
Have cooled considerably on this one. I still do most of the elements most days: meditation, five-minute journal, small amount of exercise in the morning, timed reading (currently William Trevor short stories) and - of course - this blog. As it's now 18.38 I am not exactly speeding through these on waking. I haven't cooled that much when I look at how much of it I do, but...but what? Is it because the whole thing is so utterly uncool that I'm trying to distance myself from it? The book itself and the associated materials are risible but the core idea is not that far-fetched at all. And it works to some extent. 
2. Plastic-free July
I am doing this but can't say that I'm making considerable progress. During the summer I tend to live with less plastic anyway. A big change is I have brought a re-usable container to the fish counter. This was a substantial step as I thought it was a bit of a crank thing to do and feared they might say no on hygiene grounds, but they were actually fine about it and I will do it again. Off to the market in the morning which makes this easier. 
3. #26 habits.
I will continue this after the summer. It is a catch-all category that all kinds of activities and abstentions can fit in. Cutting down on browsing in one shop has helped me re-assess my attitudes to consumption in general. I am kind of doing the Dorothea Brande writing schedule, although I skipped the second part today. I think I will get a physical calender and mark Xs on it, or something to help me do some actual work. Not complaining about work has been impossible! The first step in breaking a bad habit is monitoring though, and I at least aware of how much it is a topic of conversation with me. I have cut down a bit and don't raise the issue. 
I am putting this in here because I made it up and it is working. It is so simple and something I can really see myself doing in the future. I keep thinking about September as when life resumes, but I must remember that this time now, my free time, is when there is the most potential for living. I can do my own things. 
Now that the scheduled parts of the summer are over, I am into a new phase. This is the peak relaxation, when I have sailed half-way around the world and work is as far away as it will ever be. There are a few weeks until the countdown and by then there will be significant changes. There is just over four weeks left. That sounds so little! I am so spoiled, but seeing it is so little should motivate me to do more with that time. 

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