Tuesday, 24 July 2018


I missed WTS Day L. Of all the days to miss, I missed Day 50. 
There have been developments.I am very unhappy and these developments can lead only to further unhappiness, however pleasing they may be in the moment. This unhappiness is potentially not even confined to my own life. Badness leads to bad things. That is all I can say and it is better to set your heart on doing good. 
I am also relinquishing all hope of anyone liking or reading my work. I got this from a podcast interview with Barry Michels. On the one hand I can see that any work I ever had had published was written  at a time when my expectations of this publication were minimal. This ties in with the principle of the recreation of conditions. On the other hand, this strikes me as something of the psychological trick of trying by not-trying. You know, people who tell you that you'll meet some-one when you're not looking, or that relaxing and quitting your fertility treatment is a sure-fire way to fall pregnant. There is some truth in these things but we must be vigilant against the lures of voodoo-like thinking. 
In the "good news" slot I can report that my notebook  - the one I had left in a hotel room in Dublin - finally arrived. I had given up hope and resigned myself to its loss when it came through the letter-box yesterday morning. They had sent it originally to the wrong house-number, then it had gone back to sender, and then sent back here. The house it went to originally is only eight numbers away from mine but I don't know who they are. There is an object lesson here about knowing your neighbours. Getting to know my neighbours better and to know more of them would be a good habit to work on. 

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