Wednesday, 11 July 2018


Only writing this now, as I realise I had forgotten and was tidying up for the night. Have nothing to say except updates. It was an unproductive day but two people rang me and I chatted to them on the phone. I got no jobs done, apart from pottering about and tidying. 
In terms of #26habits I am successfully sticking to the first one and - so far - to the second one. I wrote a short essay on how I see myself in five years time for my writing today. I have also deleted Twitter from my phone, which I thought I would never do, but have thanks to the Moment app, which I recommend. My phone use so far today is a measly 45 minutes, down from an average of 2 hours and 3 minutes this time last week. Strangely, I do not miss it at all. 
Plastic-free July also going well. It is costing me in ways...for example I am buying San Pellegrino cans individually rather than in multi-packs. I am eating relatively well overall, and certainly getting plenty of rest. 
Wobbling a bit on the Miracle Morning but did all components this morning. That's all really. 
Oíche mhaith.

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