Thursday, 4 January 2018

New Year's Resolutions and 90 Day No-Shopping Challenge

New Year's Resolutions for 2018 are as follows:
-cook more, cooking at least one new recipe a week
-do at least two exercise classes a week
-cut down on waste
-start a masters
-keep blogging and writing
-be less materialistic.

The list is short because I have another list: 43 before 43. I had intended to share that here, but when I went and wrote it was too personal. I do proceed, however, on the general assumption that no-on reads this blog. If you do and you are not a Russian bot, please let me know so I can self-censor a bit more.

I had planned to start the 90 Day No-Shopping Challenge on Monday, but think I'll start early and get it over with early as well. This means I'll be due to finish on the 4th April which seems like an awfully long time away. The point is not just to save money, but also to stop wasting time shopping and accumulating clutter. This is my third year doing the challenge and it is hard, but worthwhile. This year I'm going to blog. Ideally daily, but that'll be unsustainable when I return to work, and besides a usual day at work is a no-shopping day anyway so there'd be nothing to say. The rules are as follows
-no new clothes
-no new make-up or skincare
-no toiletries unless replacements for things I have genuinely run out of.
-no decorative house items
-no lunches in town unless meeting some-one for lunch
-no patronising the school canteen
-attempt to use parking discs rather than multi-storeys or even better get the bus
-staying out of the town TKMaxx. There is also one in the shopping centre where I tend to get my groceries, so staying out of that one's unrealistic. Thankfully, it's a lot smaller.

Things I am still allowed to buy include books (I gave up magazines during the first 90 day no challenge two years ago and don't miss them), trips to hairdressers beauticians etc. flights, tickets to shows, cinema, Diet Cokes in cafés where I write, entries to competitions. The main point is to break away from the vlogger lifestyle where the most interesting thing that happens in a week is buying a new eyeliner. I also have a huge stash of things like shower gel and eye cream. I bought a few items in the January sales like a new work bag (first in eight years), new short brown boots ( I underbuy footwear so may consider making an exception on the 90 day no spend), and hair straighteners (finally got a decent pair and delighted with them).

Today I haven't left the house, except to go to the garage and the washing-line. So it's been an easy no-spend day. Tomorrow may be harder and the weekend will be a challenge. Here goes.

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