Friday, 5 January 2018

Day Two and Challenge Hits the Rocks

"We set out to be wrecked" as JMBarrie wrote in the opening line of The Boy Castaways of Black Lake Islands. So where did I go this morning, on day two of my 90 day challenge? Mahon Point! Cork's temple to consumerism, the British high street on a spit of land next to the coast and adjacent to the Jack Lynch Tunnel. I didn't need to go there: I had in in my head to buy some cake for the friend I was to visit at lunch, but there were ten other places I could have gone that didn't involve cake. I think Mahon Point was on my mind because I had half a mind to go to the retail park and look for a bag to carry my new work tablet in. In the end I had a look on Amazon and bought one there.  Yes, I do realise about Amazon. I rarely shop there, which is too much.
So then I had time to go to the real Mahon Point. And I thought I was safe. I thought I was just checking if Mantarey had any of their super-practical pants because that'd be a super-practical purchase and totally justifiable. I walked past the Clarins special offer, scoffing at how my past self would have been taken in and still using up the generous free samples four years later.
I bought a dress. It's a red, summer dress that I thought was justifiable under the following reasons:
-it's a near perfect fit
-the fit and the colour are flattering
-it's not too short, being kneelength, as light summer dresses often are
-it was half-price
-most of all I could see myself wearing it in France during the summer and buying this dress was like a step on my "43 before 43" of going, or at least booking a trip, to France.
I'm not sorry, although I'm sorry I went there in the first place, if that makes sense. Then I went to Tesco, bought cookies for my friend, a Crunchie in case lunch was delayed. I wanted to buy two Diet Cokes (need brought on by not putting them in the fridge on time) but they were out of them in Tesco so I had to walk back to Easons. Then I had to pass the Clarks shop and I went in and bought a pair of black ankle boots without trying them on! I know I can return them and I thought they'd be too small. They're not too small, but I'll try them again tomorrow in daylight as I think they're a bit high up the calf and make my legs look even shorter than they are. I should bring them back really; they're not that fabulous and don't give much utility beyond the black ankle boots I already have, which are fine if a little high and not for all-day wear.
I'm going to say the boots don't count as they're footwear and I'll return them. Does the dress mean I have to re-set? I haven't considered this possibility? I suppose I'll add a day on at the end, so the 90 day challenge will now finish on the 5th April. I'm not sure about this though - it could be like the Israeli creche that charged the parents who were late picking up their children. What's supposed to be a deterrent could be a perverse incentive. A day 90 days away doesn't seem any penalty compared to a dress today. And I also stayed out of TKMaxx. So I might be better off absorbing the fuck-up and not applying a penalty.
Tomorrow is another day.

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