Saturday, 6 January 2018

Day Three & the Going is Reasonable

I need to stop labelling these blog posts by the day: once I get to Day 46 and there's 44 to go, this challenge will seem interminable.
So how did I get on today? I parked in the multi-storey car park, even though I said I wouldn't. I blame the person who swung into the lane beside me as I was going to turn for my parking spot. This was only ever supposed to be an "attempt" anyway, and I'm not sorry. The only thing I'm sorry for is not staying in town for longer.
I went to a different café than the one I'd been planning on going to, and this turned out to be a mistake. I'm not sure how long I spent there but the voice of one very loud woman kept interrupting my train of thought.
Then I returned the boots I bought yesterday. Not 100% sure this was the right decision, but not 100% about the boots either. Then I went to the English Market to do some actual, sustenance shopping and work on my "cook more, waste less" resolution. I bought ingredients: mozzarella, green olives, tapenade, capers, pearled spelt (very expensive), aubergines, fennel and flat-leaf parsley. All this stuff (apart from the spelt) much cheaper than it would have been in the supermarket. I meant to go to Iago's as well, but I forgot. And I didn't buy bread, which I'll need for next week. I can get that in Tesco or Dunnes tomorrow.
Then I went to Home Sense, saying it wasn't TKMaxx even though it is. I had it in my head to buy dividers for the fridge but they didn't have a good selection. In one way, this is the greatest waste of my time ever. I'm a maximiser when it comes to clear plastic fridge dividers. I could have used this time to go to Iago's. I forgot until after I'd gone over to Vibes and Scribes.
This was also a waste of my time as I bought books I'd looked at a million times but hadn't bought. It was a waste to require a seperate expedition to go there. But I wanted to buy some 3 for 12 euro "Animal Farms" as I'm starting it with the third years next week and I wanted to make sure they all had it. That's something else I have to do: type up some introductory notes.
So then I came home and made caponata with some of the ingredients and I have enough for other meals as well, although these'll need to be supplemented. It is the Feast of the Epiphany and I will have to tackle the tree today.
Not too bad going though.

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