Sunday, 7 January 2018

Day Four:is anyone out there?

There is no way I will keep up this daily blogging once back at work. That's tomorrow, and I think I have never felt this level of dread. I won't go into the reasons here. It's been a good sixteen days, apart from the two ones I was down with norovirus. I won't go into details there either.
Had a largely at home day today. Shopping was for food only. I did go to the shop and bought a fridge-storage thing and a tiny tubberware type container for butter. I've discovered butter dishes are good only for decorative purposes. I bought two massage-balls things that I don't need, but inevitably there'll be a day when I've pain in my shoulder and would have been like "why the fuck didn't I buy those bally things?" Only vaguely frivolous thing I bought was a half-price deodorant. These are supposed to be off-limits, so this is technically a fail. But there were loads of things I didn't buy that I normally would have.
Back to work tomorrow, as I said. Time to get organised.

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