Friday, 22 December 2017

It's Been a While

It's almost a year since I updated this blog. It has fallen by the wayside. Not that I am on the other blog morning, noon and night. It's more that this semi-public sharing doesn't hold the same attraction for me. I must remove all links to this blog from the Twitter account. It worked only when absolutely anonymous.
I said I'd blog about how my New Year's Resolutions worked out. Here we go:
1. Keep the house tidy and clean to a high standard.
There has been much progress in this area, although perfection is still a long way off. There have been times when I have panicked at rare sound of some-one at the door. Clutterbug has been a help and an inspiration.
2. Start an MA in Education.
This was the biggest failure of the year. Beyond an internet search and a couple of phone calls this didn't get done at all. Instead I followed the path of maternity and did two unsuccessful rounds of IUI with donor sperm. Yes. It was crazy. I still wonder what the fuck I was thinking. Much more than the money it cost me a summer, which is a year of my life.
3. Join some kind of exercise class in February.
Yes. Ticked. Joined Women's Fitness. Although the first resolution of 2018 will be to actually go there the requisite twice a week. This has been a success.
4. Blog at least monthly.
I haven't blogged since August. The posts I have written have been very successful. I find this inhibitory, as I'm aware now I have an audience. I think of Carl Hendrick and Greg Ashman reading the blog and I feel it's not good enough. I will though. After every drought so far have come the unexpected rains of inspiration.
5. Continue with current exercise schedule.
This one I have surpassed. Women's Fitness is way more exercise than I was doing this time last year, I feel the better for it. Sometimes I have to tell myself that all successful people make time for exericse. It can be hard. Like today, I didn't make it.
6. Invest more in my life outside work.
In one way, I aced this. I tried to have a baby, FFS. On the other, I have failed dismally.
7. Look at the bright spots.
I'm not sure this is something you can consciously decide to do. So many of our moods come and go, ebb and flow. Lately I have been depressed, yet I woke this morning full of the joys. I felt upbeat, until I didn't. I should have come straight home. I am worried about the twenty euro that one of the kids found and I didn't hand into the office. I went to the office but there was no-one there, and there didn't seem a point after school.  No-one is coming for it at this stage. Yet it could be a lot of money to some child. I resolved to put in the fifth year outing fund. Or I could buy some books and donate them to the library. I think I will do that. I have lost it, but will have to spend it now of course.

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